Dr. Mechev has the best bedside manners that you could ever ask for in a doctor. He explains exactly what he is going to do and checks in with you during the procedure to make sure that you are not in any discomfort
Diana B., Santee, CA
I recently had an urgent dental matter when an expensive crown came off. My favorite Dental Hygienist works for Dr Mechev now. Sarah Weber RDH is excellent because she is so thorough and uses the latest technology to heal/cease gum disease. Plus, I always learn something when she cleans my teeth.

Still, I needed to find a dentist that would be able to not only secure my crown back on, I also needed one who would take care of my future needs of cosmetic dentistry, dental implants and braces (I am planning to participate in the ‘Six Month Smiles’ Braces program), beside general dentistry. Because I am in La Mesa on my days off, I went out and googled and researched La Mesa Dentists and Dr. Cvetan Mechev DDS. Dr Mechev had a majority of five star reviews.

I saw Dr Mechev a few days ago. I was so impressed! He not only seated my crown, he noticed that my bite was off for the crown. He was meticulous and showed me every step of the process. His office is very clean, very nice staff (everyone is so nice!), very high tech, relaxing, professional and the best dentist I have had since I was in my 20’s and had the president of the L.A. chapter of the American Dental Association as my dentist. Yes, I have very high standards! I thought to myself perhaps now I will sleep well at night finally having found a dentist that makes me feel taken care of by a consummate professional. Now I am excited about saving up for and getting the rest of my dental work done. I plan to post again in a few months once I have had my dental implant on my lower right quadrant, cosmetic dentistry to fix some imperfections, and completed the six months smile brace program to close the gaps in my smile. So excited! I went through a few dentists a year looking for someone like Dr Mechev. Resting easy tonight because my crown feels amazing and knowing that I found my dream dentist/dental office!

D.H. , Carlsbad